Which Headlamp is Right for You?

Have you ever been out in the dark and needed a light? If so, you know it can be difficult to see anything without one. It is where headlamps come into play. Head lamps are an excellent way to have a portable lighting solution to keep your hands free from other tasks. They also provide enough light for most situations, making them versatile and convenient. This blog post will discuss the different headlamps available on the market today.

If you’re reading this, then it means that you’ve stumbled upon our blog post about headlamps. And while we may not be experts in the field of outdoor gear, we are confident that if you’re looking for a new headlamp-or if you want to know some basic information about them-you’ll find what you need here. This particular post aims to overview how headlamps work and which types are best suited for different needs. We also hope to help answer any questions or concerns when shopping for one. 

The best headlamp is the one that has been there for you when needed. But, to provide a more varied set-up and experience, we’ve dug into what people prefer, so hopefully, this helps.

The Best Headlamps of 2021


This headlamp offers three different lighting modes to choose from, with the option of dimming each light source individually or using both at once. The controls are simple and easy to use, making it perfect for anyone who wants their outdoor adventure lit up in style.

The ReVolt can run on either of two types of batteries: AAA disposables that provide about the same amount but have a shorter lifespan (5–7 hours), or rechargeable NiMH cells, which offer greater output and longer burn time at 175 lumens.


We found the Pure Beam Focusing Optic on this headlamp very useful in a dark campsite. With its large and even circle of soft white light, we could easily see what our next steps should be without having any trouble finding objects ahead or around us and making sure that there were no dangerous animals close by.

The FL75R’s removable li-ion battery is rechargeable via a micro USB port and is available in various bright colorways. This model features an FDE finish which makes it perfect for military personnel who need to be able not only to see where they’re going but also project their presence onto enemies with superior light visibility while operating at night or during dusk hours when outside activity has diminished significantly due time constraints of keeping safe from harm.


The fit is adjustable, and the LED light can be worn on either your head or as a flashlight. Rubber suction cups secure it in place so it doesn’t slide around while you’re walking through dimly lit areas, but it also means there’s no need for extra bands like other models do.

The elastic band includes rubberized strips on its inside surface, which prevent the light from sliding down your forehead. To avoid accidental activation, you have a 1-second lockout delay, and there’s also a flap hidden beneath that conceals a micro USB charging port for battery power.


Ledlenser’s new MH6 flashlight is a middle ground between the 100-lumen model. It has an even beam with mainly close range usage but can also illuminate objects at a distance using its moderate wide setting. The 600-lumen version offers more illumination power for situations where you need to see everything in front of your eyes without any distractions - like hunting or camping trips.

The light from this product is bright enough to be seen in low visibility situations, and it offers three different modes: high-powered white LED; dimmer function, which only affects the secondary red illumination on top of that one auxiliary led for when you want just enough visibility without attracting attention or revealing your position too much; slow flashing beacon--a steady glow used as an emergency signal.


Looking for a budget headlamp? We found the perfect one! It has 20 LEDs, but their brightness is only acceptable at close range.

This headlight is not very bright and does not offer much in the way of visibility. It’s best for hiking or other mobile activities. Still, we would only recommend it if you have no other options available because flashing red LEDs are valid only as a signal beacon which can get lost among all that noise from cars speeding past nearby on busy roads.


The headlamp is designed for use on helmets and hard hats with flip-up face shields, ensuring your safety in dark environments. Its low profile makes it easy to install while still providing ample light when needed.

The beam of this light is so bright and easy to access, even with gloved hands. The firm rubber head strap feels exceptionally durable but doesn’t feel as comfortable on bare skin compared to a fabric band.


The headlamp is built from impact-resistant and waterproof aluminum with a flexible polymer strap mount. It provides bright light for tasks such as hiking or camping and has lower modes that make it perfect to use close up in dark spaces like caves where you need pinpoint illumination without wasting energy on extra lamps that are not needed.

The power pack is sleek and portable with a micro USB charging port. The light indicator on the end of each strap blinks to let you know if it’s time for an upgrade or needs charging up.


The eLITE is a great backup light if you don’t have another headlamp or flashlight. Unlike other lights on this list, it was not designed to be your primary source - instead of working in tandem with all of the others out there.

The innovative design of this light makes it perfect for emergencies. With five modes and an off position on both ends, you’ll have all the illumination needed in any situation without sacrificing storage space or power source accessibility.

Cons of Headlamps


Headlamps are Not As Powerful as Flashlights

The high-powered lights from top brands are perfect for those who need their hands free. Whether you’re a hiker, camper site attendee, or want extra light in your home office - these headlamps provide the illumination needed with no compromise on power.

Headlamps are Not Ideal for Group Hikes

It is good to use headlights when hiking solo or in small groups of people. Headlamps will focus light directly on your fellow campers’ eyes, so it’s best not to do that. Make sure they don’t get blinded by what they see- be mindful of yourself and try not to look away from time to time while walking with others too closely behind one another.

Headlamp Spotlight Can Be Limiting 

When using most headlamps, a spotlight is only focused in the exact direction you’re facing. While this helps to focus your eyes and make them more acute for seeing ahead, it can cause tunnel vision if not careful about where that bright spotlight points.

There are a lot of headlamps out there, but which one is the right fit for you? We’ve reviewed many on our site and can help you find your perfect match. Whether an LED Headlamp or a tactical flashlight, we have something to suit every need. To start shopping today, visit HeadlampPro.com now. You won’t regret it.